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    Asparagine · Aspartic Acid · p-Benzoyl-Phenylalanine · Biphenylalanine · Citrulline · Cyclo-Alkyl-Alanines · Cysteine and Derivatives · Diaminobutyric Acids  

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  • Protein profile and amino acid profile of Vacuum drying and freeze

    23 Oct 2014 kalimantan, indonesia Dominant amino acids are leucine, alanine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid known highly beneficial in wound healing 

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  • Transformation of Aspartate into Asparagine - OCW UI

    and Science. University of Indonesia Aspartic acid is non-essential in mammals, being produced from an α-amino acid with the chemical formula.

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  • Nutricost D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) Capsules 3000mg -

    Buy Nutricost D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) Capsules 3000mg Per Serving (180 Capsules) - Gluten Free Non-GMO on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified 

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  • Amino Acids Profile of the Indonesian Endogenous - IOPscience

    Amino Acids Profile of the Indonesian Endogenous Meats Antioxidant. Peptides. To cite this article: E Susanto et al 2019 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci.

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  • AMINO ACID AND FATTY ACID - Semantic Scholar

    acids. In the present study, the amino acid and fatty acid contents in the sea cucumber S. vastus collected from. Salemo Island waters Indonesia were 

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  • Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) in Plasma/Serum - Chromsystems

    This Chromsystems assay is used for the analysis of metabolic disorders and allows the determination of 48 amino acids in plasma / serum in less than 20 

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  • Proximate, Color and Amino Acid Profile of Indonesian Traditional

    The samples showed the presence of essential amino acids. Smoked Cryptopterus micronema fish showed a higher chemical score, amino acid score and 

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  • (PDF) Proximate, Color and Amino Acid Profile of Indonesian

    PDF | Commercial smoked fish from two species of fish (Macrones nemurus and Cryptopterus micronema) were purchased from local markets and analyzed.

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  • Non-volatile taste components and amino acid profile of jengkol

    13 Aug 2019 Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. ABSTRACT. Jengkol content of free amino acids from 40.99 to 44.98 mg/g dry weight. The.

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  • Ajinomoto Group | Features | Encyclopedia of Amino Acids | How

    For 100 years, since the discovery of glutamate, a kind of amino acid and the source of umami, the China, Douchi (soybean), Indonesia, Terasi (shrimp).

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  • Umami potential from crude extract of Bekkai lan - International Food

    leaves, an indegenous plant in East Kalimantan-Indonesia. Abstract In the Indonesian food culinary, MSG-like amino acids and the flavor 5'-nucleotides.

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  • Comparison of Cocoa Beans from China, Indonesia and Papua New

    21 May 2013 The total amino acid content was the highest in the Indonesian unfermented sample, followed by the Hainan 2011 sample and the Papua New 

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  • L-Aspartic acid |H-Asp-OH, Asparagic acid, L-Asparaginic acid, L

    Buy L-Aspartic acid - an affordable, high quality NMDA receptor antagonist from Hello Bio, a trusted supplier for life science researchers worldwide.

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  • Variation in Protein Content and Amino Acids in the Leaves - MDPI

    3 May 2013 The highest values of leaf protein and total amino acids were found in many weedy species urban areas in Indonesia are malnourished [3].

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  • L-Glutamic Acid - MP Biomedicals

    L-Glutamic acid is used in cell culture as a component of MEM non-essential amino acids solution. L-Glutamic acid has been used as a nitrogen source in the  

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  • Biological and Structural Characterization of a Host-Adapting Amino

    5 Aug 2010 Two amino acid changes in the polymerase PB2 protein—a glutamic (A/ chicken/Indonesia/UT3091/05 virus; CkUT3091) in normal human 

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  • (PDF) Proximate and Amino Acid Composition of DengkeNaniura

    13 Mar 2020 Proximate and Amino Acid Composition of DengkeNaniura Prepared. from Carp ( Cyprinuscarpio) of Lake Toba Indonesia. To cite this article: 

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  • The Amino Acid Contents in Mangrove Rhizophora mucronata

    Leaves in Asahan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Sri S. Ningsih1 Indonesia. Abstract. Amino acids are important components of mangrove plant metabolisms.

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  • Amino acid analysis of cocoa fermented by high performanceliquid

    5 Jun 2017 Amino acids Bulk cocoa beans Cacao beans Fermentation HPLC analysis The microbial ecology of cocoa bean fermentations in Indonesia.

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